Rotating Windmill Cat Toy


CHOSEN AS THE BEST CAT TOY IN 2021! Rotating Windmill Cat Toy.


Product Description

This revolutionary toy mimics the windmill movement to attract the cat's attention and helps them keep agile and stay healthy while effectively increase their focused concentration.

Product Features:

  • High Quality & Designed For ALL Cats. The soft TPR material helps protect your cat’s teeth and paws from harm.
  •  The unique suction cup design allows this toy to be placed on the wall, on the ground, or wherever your cat likes.
  • Comes with a LED flashing ball and two catnip balls. Cats Love To Chase And Swat Balls Through This Toy. 
  • Massages & Stimulates Your Cats Senses Keeping them Happy and Occupied.
  • This Toy Keeps Your Furry Friend Happy Even When You’re Not Around!
  • One of The Best Toys Around To Keep Your Cat Engaged And Healthy. 


  • 1* Windmill Cat Toy
  • 1* Flash Ball
  • 2* Catnip Balls