Personalized Rhinestone Cat Collar

Plain white
Plain Pink
Plain Red
Plain Blue
Plain Black

Personalized Rhinestone Cat Collar is a high-quality leather collar with your cat’s name written in rhinestones!

Available in a wide range of colors, in plain leather or croc (crocodile) style leather, the Personalized Rhinestone Cat Collar is super elegant and unique.

The sparkly gems are fixed securely so you’ll be able to spot your cat from afar in their gorgeous Rhinestone Cat Collar.

Important Note About Personalizing

The instructions for personalizing the Rhinestone Cat Collar are in the product images. Please follow them carefully! You can choose up to 5 letters and 2 charms or 6 letters and 1 charm. Please note that missing or unclear information will result in the collar shipping without personalization. 

How to Use this Rhinestone Cat Collar

You should be able to get or two fingers underneath the Rhinestone Cat Collar. Do the finger check regularly to make sure your cat is happy and comfortable! 

Clean the Rhinestone Cat Collar regularly with a wet cloth. Dry it thoroughly before putting it back on your cat.

Find a Matching Quick Release Cat Collar

We have a wide selection of cat collars. While the buckle on the Personalized Rhinestone Cat Collar is unique and attractive, some cat owners also like to have a quick-release collar on hand.

Materials: Padded Leather collar, with your cat’s name written in rhinestones, and buckle closure.