Cat Litter Box Tray With Scoop Clean Toilet



Cats Litter Box Cat Dog Tray With Scoop Kitten Clean Toilette Home Plastic SandBox Supplies

Easy Clean Little Box:
Pull-out drawer design make cleaning of cat litter with less job, sometimes better than automatic cat litter box self-cleaning, just clean cat feces by dragging the tray out, matching with cat litter scooper, you can slide the pan out clean it that way versus sticking your hand in the box and making a mess, Very nice design and easy to clean.

Special Design two-way Entry, one-way exit:
This box is not only the top entry cat litter box! To prevent cat litter from being spilled everywhere, the front entrance door can just go in not out. The top entry door can enter and exit both of all, it trains the cat's natural beating and increases the fun! If the dog recently decided he was a fan of cat poop for dinner, the design completely prevents access from the dog.

Tidy& No Smell :

This cat litter box with lid with small holes design on the top. When the cat goes in and out through the top, the cat litter falls into the litter box without polluting the house and reducing the amount of cat litter. The grooved lid helps remove litter particles from the cat's paws. No more cat litter all around the cat litter box. Completely stopped your cat kicking litter everywhere. The self-closing front door reduces the odor emission in the house and keeps the air fresh.

Portable Folding Design:

It only takes 3 minutes to complete the disassemble and installation of this covered cat litter box, which is very convenient to carry and storage. It's a perfect travel litter box for cats,use it anytime, anywhere your cat enjoys!

Large Space Little Box &Eco-friendly Material:
The spacious space of 20in x16in x 15in allows a 15-pound cat to spin freely, dig and conduct business. The completely enclosed litter box structure protects cat's privacy, which is in line with cats' habits. At the same time, litter box enclosure made of top premium PP material,no smell, solid and long-lasting.